Love Wins on Rosary Chain - 18 Inches

Historically, art has always lead change. Changing the world one necklace at a time is part of Fierce and Free Jewelry's mission. This 18" necklace with a .75" "Love Wins" pendant is adorned with semi-precious beads including Carnelian, Pearls, Garnet and Appetite. Join the revolution and be part of the change.

Like the pendant and already have a chain? Fierce and Free Jewelry's originally designed pendants are available for purchase. Check out our pendants on our pendants page!

Exclusively handcrafted in the USA. Length, shape, beads, and design may have slight variations due to its handmade nature.

Designed from sterling silver, fine silver & copper PMC (precious metal clay) manufactured from ethically-mined materials, as well as recycled and reclaimed metals derived from scrap jewelry, cell phones, computers, monitors and industrial materials.

Fierce and Free Jewelry is passionate about equality, it always has and always will be.  We donate 5% of profits to organizations that support equality.

"Equality is the soul go liberty; there is, in fact, no liberty without it." ~Frances Wright


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