Tassel Earring Kit

Make these fun hip Tassel Earrings in the comfort of your own home by joining our Virtual Make Party, while practicing social distancing. We love these earrings made out to 100% cotton and sterling silver, in fact they are on our list of best selling earrings and we are very excited to show you how to make them. 

We understand that everyone is processing this Pandemic differently. Let us come together to connect you with friends and new people all around the world as we practice social distancing together. Invite your friends and family to join you for a night together.

How it works

Once you purchase your kit, we will email you to schedule your Virtual Jewelry Make Party. To prepare for the party, get your comfy jammies on, make  bowl of popcorn to virtually share with your friends (you get to eat the leftovers) and don't forget calories don't count during Pandemic! Grab a glass of wine, or two no one is judging and click the handy dandy link we sent you. Voila you are in the party where the cool kids are.

Level of expertise - easy peasy

The kit includes

100% cotton embroidery thread, 2 oxidized sterling silver texture loops and 2 oxidized sterling silver ear wires. 

Tools you will need from home


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