My Glorious Life

A life full of striking beauty and splendor that evokes feelings of delighted admiration. Celebrate the life that has been so generously given with this sterling silver handmade pendant and recycled African glass beads.

One of the most beautiful aspects of African Beads is that they are created in an environment where there are often limited resources, many, if not most of our beads are made using recycled and/or natural materials! We call these green beads even though technically they are not green.

The recycled beads are made from all different kinds of recycled glass, depending on their color. For example, the brown beads are made out of old Guinness beer bottles. Other colors are made using everything from beach glass to Coca-Cola bottles.

When making these recycled glass beads, the African artisan will collect used pieces of glass, crush them into a powder-like substance, and melt it into a mold, to create the desired shape. Because of this process, many of these beads are also known as powder-glass beads.

Skilled African artisans have determined the exact combinations of different bottles and colored recycled glass to use in order to attain the desired bead color. Ghana bead makers are some of the best in the world, at creating recycled powder glass beads.

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Fierce and Free Jewelry is committed to social and environmental stewardship. We donate 5% of our sales to organizations that support equality. All of Fierce and Free’s jewelry is made with genuine sterling silver, gold-filled gold, glass, and semi-precious gemstones, and are handcrafted in Boulder Colorado. Our designs are created with love and intention and may have slight imperfections and variations due to the unique, handmade nature of our items.

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