Small Equals Heart

A little heart with a lot of punch. The look is subtle and the message is bold. 1/2" sterling silver heart on an oxidized chain. 


Fierce and Free Jewelry is made in Boulder, Colorado. All jewelry is handcrafted out of sterling silver, gold filled gold and semiprecious gemstones unless otherwise noted.

My son came out as gay in 2015, I am embarrassed to say I was so shocked and disappointed I locked myself in my room for two days and cried. I have come a long way since then. My son is now married and I love his husband like my own son. They are both good men and have taught me much about love. I got a puffy equals heart for me and my two daughters at TAGS in Los Angeles and we wear them with pride!

I am so appreciative of Fierce and Free Jewelry's contribution to the LGBT community.

~Nancy Welch



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