Spring Bloom on Rosary Chain With Beads Attached

Are you looking to step things up a notch? Live the artisan lifestyle with Fierce and Free jewelry's Spring Bloom necklace that is truly carefree, from the whimsical hanging beads to the contemporary design of the flower pendant. Delightful 5mm Moonstones roll their way down to the hanging Spring Bloom pendant with detailed Moonstone, Pearl and Labradorite beads artistically wire twisted to finish the look.

Necklace details; Spring Bloom Pendant .75" x .75", necklace length 18"

Like the pendant and already have a chain? Fierce and Free Jewelry's exclusively designed pendants are available for purchase. Check out our pendants on our pendants page!

Little Bridget Jewelry donates 5% of sales to organizations that support equality. We share this in the hope that everyone will help continue the cycle of social and environmental stewardship in their home and community.

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