Alana Faith Chen

My studio feels empty without Alana. She smiled from her heart. I knew of her struggles and the abuse she had to endure by people in the Catholic Church and thought since she was smiling that somehow the pain was going away, I know now it wasn't, it was eating her up. The voices in her head that were planted by people who had no idea what love was and even less of an idea of what God was, were dominating her every thought and eventually won the battle. I look at her empty work table and can't help but wonder if there was anything I could have done, and after running all the ideas through my head, I end up where I have a million times since the day her body was found, that in the end, whether I had said something different or done something different she was still gone and no amount of beating myself up and running the "if I had just... through my own head can change that. The best I can do today to honor Alana is to honor the person God made me, something she didn't get to do. I will create jewelry that is intended to inspire change, change in the world and change within. I will create a piece in honor of Alana. Rest in peace beautiful girl.

One year after Alana's passing, I offer this necklace. Alana loved Mother Mary, so I designed the front with Mother Mary, and on the back says "courage dear heart" something Alana wrote in her journals.

I m donating all profits from this necklace to The Alana Chen Foundation. The foundation raises money to help suicidal LGBT youth get therapy. Please check out the foundation.

These necklaces are back ordered and can take up to 3 weeks for delivery.

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