Virtual Trunk Shows

Something good always comes out of something not so great. 

I am amongst the majority of people in the world was faced with an abundance of challenges in 2020. In March 2020 I found my business sales plummeting, stores cancelling orders and reps not sure of their future. It was a time of major introspection, wondering what I am here to do, am I good enough, will my business survive this all the while feeling guilty for worrying about my business while Covid was ravaging the world. 
I decided I was going to give it my all and adapt. In July I rolled out Fierce and Free Virtual Trunk Shows, and WOW are they fun! Women all over the country have earned free jewelry just by hosting a show!

The Virtual Jewelry Party is perfect for you if you are interested in getting free original handmade jewelry and having fun. Fierce and Free Jewelry supplies you with the invitation, you email them to all of your friends and voila your job is done!  Karen Tyler Boelts, the owner and designer of Fierce and Free Jewelry will lead you through a slide show of her beautiful creations, tell you about the materials she uses, the process it takes and what inspired her.

Safe, fun and easy peasy.

Do I have to clean my house? No

Do I have to make snacks for everyone? No

Do I have to wear a mask? No

Do I need to get a babysitter? No

How long will this take? Maybe an hour.

Can I drink wine? Yes, no one is judging and you won't be driving.

What do I get for all of this exhausting work? Free jewelry, you earn 10% of sales in free jewelry! So if your friends purchase 1,000 worth of jewelry you get 100.00. Yes, you read that right 100.00 for emailing your friends. Smile emoji.

Email tp schedule your Virtual Trunk Show.

There is a 5.00 registration fee that will be added to your jewelry credit.